Our Mission

Our goal is to improve personalized care of patients in the field of oncology, infectious diseases and inflammation through the application and improvement of fluorescent imaging. In the development and evaluation of a fluorescent tracer, we value the highest ethical, scientific and clinical standards for executing clinical phase I to III studies. As a center of expertise, we strictly adhere to transparency, scientific credibility, reproducibility, standardization, reliability and accountability for the better of our patients and customers.

Our Vision

Theranostic (i.e. combined diagnostic and therapeutic measures) medicine will be a key component of future personalised medicine. The development and application of fluorescent tracers is fundamental to this. Fluorescent tracers are currently being developed for cancer, infectious and inflammatory diseases. The development of specific antibodies, nanobodies, peptides and probes tagged with a fluorescent dye has allowed clinicians to target their disease/infection with more accuracy than has previously allowed. Given the high resolution provided by fluorescent imagery, the pharmaceutical industry is, for instance, particularly interested in visualizing their proprietary drugs to assess tissue (micro)bio-distribution, efficacy and target pathways during clinical trials; which cannot be achieved using standard clinical modalities e.g. radioactive PET tracers. Fluorescent tracers, together with their associated camera systems and software are continuously being developed, resulting in an increasingly higher accuracy and specificity. Further, the potential to incorporate a therapeutic component in tracers for more and more diseases is becoming increasingly possible. TRACERâ„¢ has pioneered much of these activities and continues to do so at the highest standards.